About Epilepsy

As you know, epilepsy is a neurological condition that is categorized as a seizure disorder. There are many types of epilepsy syndromes based on the symptoms, age, causes of the seizures, and the severity of the seizures. There are no approved treatments for some types of epilepsy syndromes, but right now the Stillwater Program is underway on investigational medications for the following types of epilepsy.

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About Epileptic Encephalopathy with Continuous Spike-and-Wave during Sleep (EECSWS)1

EECSWS is a rare form of epilepsy that develops in children over time. Children with EECSWS typically have seizures while sleeping. There are many different seizure types that occur with EECSWS, the most common being focal motor seizure, which affects only one part of the body. EECSWS can begin in children between the ages of two and 12, with the average age of onset between four and five years. EECSWS is diagnosed with an electroencephalogram (EEG), which is a test that monitors the electrical activity of the brain.


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